Albadi et al. Arabic Religious Hate on Twitter

Dataset of Arabic religious hate tweets sampled using neutral religious names as keywords. Annotation was crowdsourced using CrowdFlower, with a minimum of 3 annotations per tweet. Annotator agreement was 81% for hate/not and 55% for the religious group which was targetted.

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Field Value
Paper Authors Albadi, N., Kurdi, M. and Mishra, S.
Author contact email Albadi, N., Kurdi, M. and Mishra, S.
Publication / paper reference Albadi, N., Kurdi, M. and Mishra, S., 2018. Are they Our Brothers? Analysis and Detection of Religious Hate Speech in the Arabic Twittersphere. In: International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining. Barcelona, Spain: IEEE, pp.69-76.
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Publication Year
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Language(s) covered Arabic
Source data platform(s) Twitter
Phenomena annotated Group-directed hate, Religious subcategories
Level of instances Single comment / post
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Total number of instances in dataset 6,136 Tweets
Proportion of positive/abusive instances 0.45
Submitter Laila Sprejer
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State active