Bretschneider and Peters Prejudice on Facebook Dataset

Dataset of Facebook posts and comments published in response to them from the Facebook pages “Pegida” (dataset 1), “Ich bin Patriot, aber kein Nazi” (“I’m a patriot, not a nazi”) (dataset 2) and “Kriminelle Ausländer raus” (“Criminal foreigners get out”) (dataset 3), from February 2016 onwards. A 'consensus' annotation is computed based on two expert annotators. Cohens Kappa is 0.78, 0.73, and 0.68 across the 3 pages.

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Field Value
Paper Authors Bretschneider, U. and Peters, R.
Author contact email Bretschneider, U. and Peters, R.
Publication / paper reference Bretschneider, U. and Peters, R., 2017. Detecting Offensive Statements towards Foreigners in Social Media. In: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
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Publication Year
Dataset about page
Language(s) covered German
Source data platform(s) Facebook
Phenomena annotated Group-directed Anti-foreigner prejudice
Level of instances Single comment / post
Data statement link
Total number of instances in dataset 5836 (2,649 + 2,641 + 546)
Proportion of positive/abusive instances 0.11
Submitter Laila Sprejer
Submitter Email
State active