de Pelle and Moreira Offensive Comments in the Brazilian Web from News Platform

Dataset of offensive comments by collecting comments in the Brazilian Web from, the most accessed news site in Brazil. Sampled by comments about politics and sports (115 news). Randomly selected 1,250 comments were annotated by three annotators with a Fleiss Kappa of 0.71.

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Field Value
Paper Authors de Pelle, R. and Moreira, V.
Author contact email de Pelle, R. and Moreira, V.
Publication / paper reference de Pelle, R. and Moreira, V., 2017. Offensive Comments in the Brazilian Web: A Dataset and Baseline Results. In: VI Brazilian Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining. SBC.
Publication / paper link
Publication Year
Dataset about page
Language(s) covered Portuguese
Source data platform(s)
Phenomena annotated group-directed offensive content
Level of instances Single comment / post
Data statement link N/A
Total number of instances in dataset 1250
Proportion of positive/abusive instances 0.33
Submitter Philine Zeinert
Submitter Email
State active