Turkish OffensEval

The Turkish dataset used in OffensEval 2020

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Field Value
Paper Authors Cagri Coltekin
Author contact email Cagri Coltekin
Publication / paper reference Çöltekin, C., 2020. A Corpus of Turkish Offensive Language on Social Media. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation.
Publication / paper link https://coltekin.github.io/offensive-turkish/troff.pdf
Publication Year
Dataset about page https://coltekin.github.io/offensive-turkish/offenseval2020-turkish.zip
Language(s) covered Turkish
Source data platform(s) Twitter
Phenomena annotated Group-directed,Person-directed
Level of instances Single comment / post
Data statement link
Total number of instances in dataset 36232
Proportion of positive/abusive instances 0.19
Submitter Leon Derczynski
Submitter Email