WordPress Comment Blacklist Words

WordPress Comment Blacklist Words, WordPress Comment Moderation, and WordPress Comment Spam

The WordPress Comment Blacklist Words/Phrases include; a list of swears, unacceptable words, inappropriate words, hurtful words, curse words, insulting words, all cuss words, most vulgar words, offensive words, rude words, and dirty words. In addition, we also include Google blacklisted words and the most popular naughty words.

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Publication / paper reference
Publication / paper link
Publication Year
Dataset about page https://www.freewebheaders.com/wordpress-comment-blacklist-words_comment-moderation_spam-comments/
Language(s) covered English
Source data platform(s) WordPress
Phenomena annotated
Level of instances Topic
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Total number of instances in dataset
Proportion of positive/abusive instances
Submitter Philine Zeinert
Submitter Email phze@itu.dk
State active